Groups and Workshops

Our Groups and Workshops are typically offered twice throughout the year and may be offered in person or virtually through Zoom. If you are interested in a Group or Workshop and would like more information, please contact our Clinic Manager, Tiffany Trudgeon by e-mail at

Powerful Parenting Groups


Regularly throughout the year, we offer 5-week parenting programs to parents/caregivers who would like to connect with other parents and learn strategies for parenting their children with developmental or behavioural needs.   

Groups may be held virtually or in person.  

Based on interest, we may run the following groups: 

  • Powerful Parenting for Children with Challenging Behaviour (aged 3-8 only)  
  • Powerful Parenting for Children with ADHD  
  • Powerful Parenting for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder  
  • Powerful Parenting for Children with Intellectual Disability and Developmental Delays  
  • Powerful Parenting for ManagingMeltdowns (aged 3-12 only)   

Our groups generally include: 

  • 1-1 phone screening assessment with our Graduate Student Clinicians 
  • 5 weekly 1 to 1.5-hour virtual parenting sessions, which include: 
    • A group-based component, where parents learn parenting strategies and connect with other parents 
    • At least 30 minutes 1-1 or in a small group with a Graduate Student Clinician to discuss the parenting strategies applied to your child 
  • A 1-1 feedback meeting to discuss progress from the intervention and plan next steps for services  

These groups are an opportunity for parents to receive access to Psychological guidance at a lesser cost than comprehensive assessment or individual therapy. If your situation is not appropriate for the group, we can refer you to other appropriate 1-1 supports.

Please fill out the referral form to indicate your interest and we will notify you when the next relevant group is running. 


Early Reading Concerns - Screening and Support

($250.00 for the screening and caregiver support)

Do you have concerns about reading for a child in grade 1-3? You may notice that your child has difficulty learning phonics patterns (such as "ay", "ow", "oo") or sight words (like "their", "because", "was"). Your child may also rush through reading, have difficulty sounding out words (decoding), skip words, or "make up" words while reading. You or your child's teacher may be wondering if your child has dyslexia or a learning disability.

Our Reading Screening Assessment service provides a brief, targeted assessment of your child's reading compared to peers. It also assesses your child's phonics knowledge, sight word recognition, decoding strategies, and reading fluency. It is not a diagnostic assessment. However, the results of the assessment can inform next steps to support your child's reading.

Typically, we run a group-based screening and support program twice per year, in Oct/Nov and Jan/Feb. However, we may also conduct individualized screenings.


Boss Back Worry

This program is designed for children (approximately 7 to 11 years-old) who are experiencing high levels of anxiety and/or stress that is interfering with their overall well-being, academic and social success, or home life.  Families (children and parents) who are able to attend all 6-weeks of the program and practice skills at home are likely to experience the most success.

This 6-week group intervention is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It focuses on teaching skills to youth and their parents to achieve specific treatment goals (e.g., to reduce worry about going to school, or going out in social settings).

The Boss Back Worry program is designed with a specific skill focus or topic each week.  Each group lasts 1 ½ hours.  During the program, parents and children will each participate in a group format with other parents and children.  Beginning approximately in week 2, time each week will be dedicated for children and parents to work together on specific exercises and skills at the end of group.