CYDC Parent/Caregiver Webinar Series: Changing your Child’s Relationship with Anxiety & Stress

Parenting is very difficult- especially if your child does not seem to listen or is engaging in challenging behaviour. You may feel like you are always correcting and teaching your child or offering rewards or consequences—but this may not seem to work! This program addresses common parenting pitfalls and teaches powerful, practical strategies to improve your relationship with your child.

Who is the “Powerful Parenting Principles” program for?

This program is designed for caregivers who are supporting children aged 3-8 with challenging behaviour (generally, Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3). Examples of challenging behaviour may include:

  • Not following directions, for example, whining, arguing, refusing
  • Yelling, screaming, making “rude” comments, threatening (for example, “No!” “I hate you!”, “I’m going to hit you!”)
  • Difficulty getting along with parents or siblings
  • Physical aggression, such as pushing, hitting, kicking, biting
  • Damaging property such as ripping, throwing, or banging on items

What will happen in this program?

Caregivers will attend a 5-week parenting group conducted by Dr. Katelyn Bryant (a Registered Clinical Psychologist) and the Graduate Student Clinicians at the Child and Youth Development Clinic. Each week, a powerful parenting principle will be taught. Then, parents will have the opportunity to meet in smaller groups to practice this strategy and troubleshoot issues with their child. If, at the end of the program, caregivers are still seeking assessment or intervention services, these may be offered.


Jan 21 - Feb 18, 2021
Thursdays 5:00pm - 6:30pm


Virtual Intervention Sessions


$200 (Please contact Leesa Couper if this is a barrier)

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